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for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Web Site Management Solutions

Putting your web site on the Internet is the easy part. Who is going to manage it? Static web sites go stale and that causes traffic to drop off. A well managed web site stays fresh, even if new content has not been added. Web Site Management is not only important, a good web site manager is critical .

WebOkay does Web Site Management Right!

With the tools available today almost anyone can create an impressive Internet presence with a few clicks of their mouse. Software that claims to be capable of successfully submitting a web site to the major search engines can be found on the shelves in most department stores, and people claiming to know the secrets of success on the Internet are almost as common as planes, trains and automobiles are.

When you come right down to it, the same holds true for almost any business. Eliminate the cost factor from the equation, obtaining storefront and turning it into an inviting professional looking retail establishment is not all difficult to do. Learning the tricks of the trade is often as simple as a visit to the local library.

Unfortunately the business end of things is not as easy to deal with. At WebOkay Internet Services we know that it takes more than a pretty web site and a good offer to succeed in the electronic haze of cyberspace. Much more, in fact. That's why our web site management services are driven by a simple concept: We'll provide the expertise the client needs, when they need it and we do so at a reasonable rate. The result is very similar to having your expert staff.

Whatever you need... when you need it, we're here for you. Our customer service is second to none. Both email and phone requests are handled as quickly as we can without cutting any corners. That means it may take us an hour or two to take care of your request, every now and then you might have to wait a day for completion of complex requests. However with WebOkay on your team, you'll always enjoy our very best effort in as timely a manner as possible.

Our web site management solutions start at just $59.95 per month. The basic package includes a Full-Featured, e-commerce enabled web site hosting account, with the following features:

  • 75mb YourCompany.Com Virtual Hosting on our Cobalt servers

  • Daily  checks for broken and/or malfunctioning hyperlinks

  • Monthly checks to see if the site is listed on the Internet's most popular and most productive search engines

  • Manual monthly submissions to the monitored search engines in the event the site is not listed or is dropped from one or more of the monitored search engines

  • Professional, personalized handling of site related support questions - replied to as Support@YourCompay .com (optional)

  • Minor textual updates/changes and/or formatting changes/repairs at no charge on an as-needed basis

  • Unlimited technical support

  • Service is month-to-month, no contract is required

  • No installation or setup fees (we'll even install your site on our servers at no charge.

This package provides a complete management and maintenance solution for most small e-commerce sites. Just set us loose and we'll handle the details for you. It really is as simple as that.  Please call us at (719) 595-1427 or email Solutions@WebOkay.net for a quote on large commercial sites. WebOkay Site Management Services are limited  to US based individuals and businesses whose web sites are hosted by WebOkay Internet Services. Additional management and maintenance services are provided on an as-needed basis and at 30% off our standard rates. For a complete listing please click here to visit the Web Site Tune up section of our web site.

Everything you need to succeed in cyberspace.

And The Kind Of Help You Need When You Need It!

Web Site Hosting, Management and Maintenance
for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Web Hosting Excellence ~ WebOkay Internet Services ~ Is Your Web Okay?

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